It’s the GQ way.
    We know how.

It consists of a beverage (coffee, milk, tea, cocoa, alesfakia of Rhodes, Sapsicho of Rhodes)
Jam, sugar, butter, cookies
We offer  great variety of Sugar and jam forms.
We also offer honey.
Caution: the butter is offered in the summer with ice cubes.  Genuine butter or margarine.
The summer breakfast accompanied with water.

Various sausages
(prosciutto, ham, bacon, mortadella, salami)
(in the restaurant area are referred sausages ready to cut in front of the customer.)

Corn flakes, cereals (porridge and Quakers)

Soups (on request)
Tahini , Tsouvras, Frumenty (traditional local recipes)

Boiled, fried , Omelettes with cheese, ham, vegetables and plain, Scrambled
Eggs with sausage in casserole dish
Boiled eggs on fresh bread or Scrambled to roll
Alternatively not daily, potato filled with eggs and feta cheese .
Rhodian omelette with tomato, “strapatsada” style, with red or green peppers and feta cheece.

Crepes, pancakes and traditional “TIGANOPSOMO”

Salmon and champagne

Variety of ookies
Various breads, Croissant, Cookies, Cakes, Cookies, Donuts, Traditional “anevata and Ladokouloura”

Traditional “xerotigana”, “moystokoyloyra”, pies…

Various cheeses


Different juices

Various composts

Season Fruits
various fruits, dried fruits, figs – “pastelaries”

Yogurt (not bulk)

Rice pudding ,  water creams, “melekounia”, halvah, Pancakes, Moschopougkia, Fruit preserves